Create a deep contextual understanding of your documents

Machine learning techniques are used to extract the right fields from scanned documents, analyse larger reports in PDF format and extract information from website based content.

How it works

1. Connect

The platform can connect and read from Amazon S3, Google Drive, Box, DropBox and SFTP. You can also integrate with our API directly. The platform can ingest word documents, PDFs, images, and XML.

2. Analyse

Our natural language processing techniques are primed with your industry-specific taxonomies and domain knowledge. Combining this with deep learning, gets us a much better contextual understanding of your data then was previously possible.

3. Extract

Once an understanding of your documents is established and key information is identified we can build models to automatically extract this information.

4. Validate

The extracted content is validated and those with low confidence scores are flagged for manual review. This allows the system to continually improve and ensures the system adapts to changes in your underlying data.

5. Deliver

The platform can deliver the data back to you in structured formats such as XML, CSV, JSON or excel files directly to the original source (S3, Drive, Box, ...) or the data can be retrieved directly through our API.

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